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Donald Trump says that Google plays against

Donald Trump asegura que Google juega en su contra

The charismatic and controversial Republican presidential candidate of the White House, Donald Trump, shown partisan of the conspiracy theory according to which Google is against.

The entrepreneur now come to political says that the Finder of Google “has State eliminating news negative on Hillary Clinton”, its rival by the party Democrat to the Presidency of United States whose elections will have place the next month of November.

Donald Trump: ‘the search engine has been eliminating negative news about Hillary Clinton”

Perhaps it only to know about Donald Trump is that is an entrepreneur billionaire that now wants to be President of United States. And is very likely that you have known a little better thanks to their continuous outputs of tone in all type of scenarios, from speeches electoral until programs of television. With their trends sexist, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, misogynistic and more own of centuries last expressed to them four winds without no type of self-censorship, is has won the rejection of important sectors of it society American and world, included a part of his own party that considered that Trump hurts badly its image, although still is by see if this reject will achieve curb its rise towards the armchair presidential.

One of the sectors that most strongly opposed the pretensions of Donald Trump has been the technological sector, something logical as Trump represents everything that Google, Apple and many others. After that there is, as usual in these times, an economic background. Them proposed of Trump so them products is manufactured “in house” imposing high rates tax to all as comes of the outside is something that not has liked to these, nor to others many companies, whose benefits is seat largely in the labor cheap that is located in them called countries in way of development or countries of the periphery such as Chinese India, Brazil, and so on.

Now, the candidate Republic resumes his speech against them technological, and in particular against Google, launching an accusation that, of result certain, to the margin of them feelings that us wake up this Lord and of our ideology, would be of enormous gravity.

Last Wednesday, during an electoral speech in Wisconsin (United States), Donald Trump fueled a conspiracy theory according to which Google would be eliminating in its search engine search results of somehow refer negatively to his opponent, Hillary Clinton.

The survey of Google says that we are two points ahead of Hillary Clinton at the national level and that while the search engine has been eliminating negative about Hillary Clinton. What’s with that? news, said the Republican candidate.

The origin and Foundation of the theory of the conspiracy

This theory of the conspiracy of Google against Trump not is new, already are several them months that has been circulating by the network. In concrete, was born the last month of June with the broadcasting of a video in the page SourceFeed of which soon is made eco media mainly of court conservative as Breitvat, whose director is now the Adviser of campaign of Trump, or Sputnik News, a page managed by the Agency Government of news Rossiya Segodnya, of the Government Russian of Putin.

This theory of the conspiracy is based in them suggestions that us makes the search Google when started to introduce the terms of search desired. This auto function complete what you are typing offering several options assumed, are based on the most popular searches among all users of Google.

As may have seen, in the video is shows to a person that introduces the terms “Hillary Clinton cri…”, as if the last word that want to introduce out “criminal”. The results are different to that other search engines offer.

According to the Narrator, this shows “that Google has state modifying deliberately them recommendations of search in favor of the campaign of Clinton” although perhaps, just perhaps, could have opted by the argument more logical of that probably them searches of them users of Google not have why be exactly them same that them of others search engines and, accordingly tpco suggestions may be the same.

What says Google to the respect?

Since Google already have spoken out to deny such accusation and claiming that the search engine ignores results offensive when they are associated with a person:

Our algorithms do not have search terms that are offensive or insulting if they are associated with a person’s name. The system of the Finder that AutoComplete them words of search not favours to any candidate or to any cause. Anybody who uses otherwise simply don’t understand how, said a spokeswoman for Google on CNN.

The prosecution, for the moment, has not been able to be demonstrated. In fact, other means would have shown otherwise on the basis of its own analysis. In any case, insist that it is something which should be investigated because we are facing a serious issue as it is a hypothetical manipulation of information.

Do you think that Google would be able to undertake actions that Donald Trump accuses him or not is more than a new tone of this peculiar character output?

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