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Dot, the “accessible smartwatch” with Braille

Dot el reloj braile

It is one of the greatest successes of the accessible technology. A great idea that surely we will not see in any hoarding. But we consider this invention and its creators worthy of a special mention. Technology advances for all, and happily this advance much facilitate the communication to blind people.

This clock that we could categorize as the accessible smartwatch is called Dot. A watch capable of displaying to the user notifications received in your smartphone. There are several settings that Android has developed in favor of accessibility. But with this device accessible technology gives a step forward.

Notifications on the wrist for the blind, a stroke of genius.

Sure, when we look at the latest developments in telephony in the world market we do not think beyond. Aside from the nice thing that a new model can be. It is very convenient to access notifications without having to take the phone in your pocket or bag.

But imagine the improvement that this progress for people with visual impairment. To read a message or notification at a time. No need to activate the vocal reproduction of the smartphone. Dot offers in the upper pane, where would be the screen, a line with four braille characters.

According to its creators this line of Defense, that changes every so often, is more than enough to read a message. A line of points protruding synchronously to create the braille characters needed to be able to be read by the user. In addition, configurable for different functionalities side has three buttons.

An idea that is materialised after years of study and development. And what was born as a project of crowfunding has finished making a product for sale. A watch that home, you will have a limited production. But as well as for those who supported the project, in a first attempt to a thousand of units will go on sale at a price of about three hundred dollars.

Do you not think an idea amazing?. It really gives joy see that technology can really help to communicate to people who have greater difficulty. We hope that this idea cunda as an example in the market. And although it will not be a “best seller”, could be example for other more powerful firms consider an accessible device.

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