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Download now web pages entire with the new version of Chrome

Chrome beta

Google has just announced a new version of Chrome for Android devices that will be available for download in mid-October. That new version stable will bring new features and improvements, that will be included in the version beta.

Which have the last version beta of Chrome can be testing those new capabilities as is the possibility of download of form full a web page to the smartphone for a reading back without connection. It is not only entire web sites, but music, images and even videos.

The idea of Google is that seas capable of power play all that content more afternoon without the need of having a connection to Internet. Even if your connection is falls when you are downloading a file, so soon as Chrome is online, the download is resume in the same site where is was without lose nothing of it lowered until that precise instant.

Another new feature is that there is a new “home” for all downloads, just inside the same application. All the content downloaded will be accessible from that same space, so so not you lose nothing of the same.


Also, very important, is it improves that will be added to Chrome for Android with the technology of compression of image and text that the Explorer has included already since makes some time, and that will be now applied also to those videos. This technology allows users to save up to 67 percent of the data when videos in MP4 format are played through Chrome.

Before pass to show them steps to follow to download a web page complete, remind you that also the feature of saving of data or Data Saver will be improved. When you’re under a slow connection, property is responsible for optimizing the web sites HTTP. Optimized pages will save 90 percent of the data, which means a 2 times faster loading.

How to download a website complete with Chrome

  • Download the version of Chrome 54.0 from here
  • Enters a site web any
  • Click now on the icon of three points in the part superior right
  • In the menu pop-up, click on the icon of download beside the’s favorite
  • Go to ‘Downloads’ in that same menu to find the page and press it

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