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Draws the path to follow the intriguing characters of Don’t be Squared

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We have a few months in those who are appearing in a variety of video games in which we have to draw the way forward so that the protagonist does not fall to a pool of lava or know reach those platforms that sometimes are too far. A type of platforms showing another gameplay other than what we are accustomed in this category that we have really brilliant gems such as CATTCH, a beautiful game in which animations, colors and design characters and levels border on almost perfectly for the hardware that we have right now in Android.

Now we have to Don’t be Squared as a platform in which you will have to help a variety of intriguing characters and strangers to overcome these obstacles to draw them the road to follow. A platforms endless runner in which not will have little time to go drawing those lines that allow to those characters jump, get coins or launch is on the different mechanical, as the canon. A game that can become rather complicated at first until one is made with game mechanics, but to overcome this same, lets enjoy to be finding an own world well designed and implemented color-accented.

An environment full of color

SuperHippo Games is the Studio responsible for this Don’t bee Squared and brought does not much Pirate Legends TD. A game that is left wanting by those environments and backgrounds filling well bright color screen, and that gameplay in which we must go drawing clouds so that the main protagonist that not to run to overcome all these obstacles. An interesting way to introduce the player to this game that is free from the Play Store.

Don't be Squared

The story puts us before a mad scientist that it is turning everything into cubes, by what we must avoid to us make us another cube. Verbs like jump, bounce, throw, drag and crush are some that you utilize to demonstrate a variety of mechanical and giving you a great quality to your whole point. So SuperHippo Games offers great fun and fast-paced action from the moment in which begins the game.

All kinds of heroes

One of its best features are the heroes that can be used to have a penguin, a ninja duck or a hedgehog that will serve us to offer other types of movements and animations. A game in which the platforms, obstacles hazardous and all type of enemies is converted in the greater challenge. Also have four environments: jungle, the sands of the tropics, the volcano and the temple. We can not forget of other secondary characters who enliven the adventure that is proposed in this title.

Don't be Squared

A game that boasts a wide variety of characters and enemies that we will not have it so easy when we discover them. From a flying rat, a mad scientist or a shark, and many others, Don’t be Squared proposes a different gaming and a good variety of content that we won’t stop play. The only thing is that gameplay in go drawing the way you hook so that you keep playing it.

It have of shape free from the Google Play Store with the evident micropayments.

Technical quality

Don't be Squared

The design of the environment, characters and enemies play a big role for all wrapper that is Don’t be Squared. The animation and the speed of the game also allow to add more quality to the whole and the only handicap is that you need a good hardware so no slowdowns, since even with a good hardware pulls, it sometimes gives at least in the first games.

Opinion of the editor


  • Large colorful
  • Good design in general


  • Lack of performance

Download application

Download: Don’t be Squared (Free*, Google Play) →

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