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Dropbox calls to those users to change their password from time to time


Them services of storage in the cloud is have developed in one of the spaces in which usually have information sensitive, photos private and all type of files that are quite important. As other services, there are that go changing the password occasionally for thus have greater security of that not can be stolen by someone.

Dropbox, to the set is that there are many users that not change your password from makes already time, has taken his blog to urge to would be recommended that is did this action for so avoid problems greater. It is not that they have had problems with your system or anything, but that they have taken this precautionary measure to check the age of many of its users passwords.

Dropbox had a problem in July of 2012 in which the names of users and the passwords are believed that were stolen. Them accounts affected were such to change their passwords, but to the great majority of users not les affected, so not had reason to modify it.

That was four years ago and now is Dropbox when he believes that it is the best time to update their passwords and, incidentally, their practices. Not all the users of Dropbox are being asked to change their passwords, only those that created its has before July of 2012 and that never it have changed from then.

But since we are in these, it is always recommended to every so many months we change the password. Can be quite heavy the have that memorize a password new or update which have with more characters, but if you have information sensitive, imagine you the case in that it lost and not could enter more in your has. So do not miss much time, you check out your Dropbox to change that password.

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