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Duel of Knights, we analyze the best fair game for Android

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I love them games Android that do not require being constantly up them. I want a game that allows me to entertain a few minutes before I go to sleep or in those times when dead while waiting the bus, but without playing many hours a day in order to move without paying one euro. And duel of Knights is an example of this type of agile and very fun game.

Mechanism of the game is really simple, as you can see in the review in video that leads these lines. A game that features one graphic quality more than enough and that, being a game that has been two years in the market, will work on any device of medium range, and even more than one telephone input range.

Knights duel, a good game but no updates

duelo caballeros

The game is very complete and is based on doing fair, participate in horse racing and even in combat with a crossbow killing opponents. A very interesting dynamic and that mainly notable for the amount of available quests. So you do an idea, hay five levels different and in each level we will find with more than 70 missions by what the game has rope for time.

Although the game is free you can pay to get gold or diamonds that will serve to purchase upgrades or be able to play longer, but I think that it does not need drop a euro to be able to advance in the game. More than anything because duel of Knights has an online component that allows us to help our friends by sending seals that will play longer.

The bad thing is, that being a game as old, Gameloft has it a bit abandoned and already not distributed the prizes won in some tournaments, so I recommend to play online mode mainly to get a good number of aliados(se forjan alianzas de forma automática ael combatir contra tus oponentes) and to continue asking them stamps to advance in the game.

So everything is you clear, the best thing is that you see the video analysis of duel of Knights we have made so that you clear your game mechanism.

Opinion of the editor


  • Good graphics and better durability
  • Good combat system
  • You don’t have to pay to advance in the game


  • Gameloft has abandoned the game and not shared some awards in the online mode

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