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DxOMark cries out that Pixel is the phone with the best camera of the moment


Yesterday Google took its time in cry out that the Pixel camera is the best of the moment. So their words had greater force is took of it brand of 89 points of DxOMark that is pulled out of the sleeve for go speaking little shortly of the capacity of that photography that is supposed is it best of the time.

The screenshots displayed in the event are really magnificent, but there will be that see in them reviews Yes really this is so. Of all forms, would be rare that DxOMark is it played of such form for distort a score, when is it own Apple which them mentions for talk of the virtues and benefits of its iPhone 7.

Pixel camera is 12.3 MP offers a great level of detail with good low levels of noise under any light condition. The performance in conditions of little light is quite solid and them details still being present when is made catches with the flash.


Another key point for Google is the Photo HDR +, since it has become the mode by default from the phone’s camera. The result is almost instantaneous and the process is fast enough to handle all catches in motion without creating those artifacts that can leave badly made photo.

In the image where compared Pixel, 10 HTC and Samsung Galaxy S7, cameras you can see the details and because Google has called Pixel as the smartphone with the best camera ever tested.

He Pixel presented yesterday continues to the Nexus 6 p that was said as one of the best in the photography and was so when is found it quality of their catches. Now only us is wait a little to see those reviews and that actually it promised is true.

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