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Each time are more those users of the Galaxy S7 edge that suffer from the line vertical pink

S7 edge

We have two days that are receiving different information about the safety of the next Galaxy S8 or we will have another new Galaxy Note this year. Samsung yesterday Monday also clarified all it happened with the Galaxy Note 7 and those problems of the battery that had two sheds different in how occurred the explosions and fire.

Curious is that just today are more them users that are a line vertical pink in the Galaxy S7 edge, that terminal that is developed in the best of 2016 by its exquisiteness in the screen dual edge and a series of features excellent to all them levels; Here’s his review when he passed through these lines.

So when it seemed that Samsung was pristine Galaxy Note 7 problems, which even can almost say that it has been reinforced to be aware of the large number of fans who have, an error visual on the screens of the S7 Galaxy edge that is putting nerves to some users.

Reports claim that the pink lines appear and disappear without notice on the screens of the S7 Galaxy edge. These lines are already appearing for some time, to what Samsung has always recommended to the user to return your unit to be replaced for an evaluation. The main cause would be due to physical damage or liquid, something that is not covered by the manufacturer’s standard warranty.

Although the great most of users that have found this line vertical colored crossing the screen from it part top to it lower in its terminal of 5, 5″ Quad HD AMOLED, maintain that not have made nothing so this happen so.

There are two possible solutions if suffer from this problem:

  • In the marker of the phone press * #0 * #. Now click in Red, green and blue. It is a matter that we try several times until it is resolved

  • Another method is by pressing slightly on the top of the screen, near the Samsung logo

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