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Enter in the psyche of the Knight dark in Batman the Telltale Series

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TellTale Games have brought us a series of video games that allow us to immerse ourselves in a great story. Have been them guilty of that Minecraft has a background narrative thanks to that good amount of episodes, for a video game to which always you has missed have a background to them adventures that enjoy have more meaning. Not only was the sandbox which has been portrayed by TellTale, but even game of Thrones or Borderlands have editions in which we must make hard decisions that will change the course of history. Games which are characterized by a good visual style and in the latest titles have improved even animations to make combat its one.

This happens in Batman the Telltale Series, where, apart from immerse us in the psyche of Bruce Wayne and Batman, will have a series of fighting that us will take by the action more frantic for what is an adventure graphics. This study of videogames has been capable of grant to Batman’s a great quality in it visual and in it sound worthy of one of them superheroes more popular of all the time. A title both for which not is fan of them comics as for that follower that not is loses none of them copies that is can find in the stores of this type of content illustrated. Best of all is that TellTale has published the first episode for free so that they touch you desire to acquire the rest.

Entering in the psyche of Bruce Wayne / Batman

If we are talking about a video game that is based on the adventures of a superhero that was born out of the comic, which is a graphic adventure and that comes from one of the experts in storytelling, create a simply fascinating mixture. And it is that you for those who have as one of our favorite superheroes Batman, start a game this game is simply a total enjoyment.

Batman the Telltale Series

Not only find a great realization in the technical aspect, but because we will put us squarely in the psyche of Bruce Wayne and Batman to help you discern between good and evil. Line that differentiates these two forces can be transferred from this game, so, if you want to leave a little of those action and enter into something more psychological games, this title will offer you much longer only in the first episode.

Your actions determine the fate of Batman

To delve into the fractured spirit of Bruce Wayne, you’ll notice the liability that entails taking all kinds of decisions to be the Dark Knight. Not only is will face before all a sort of enemies, but on whether same the biggest struggle will be. A history raw and violent enlivened by some graphics simply excellent and that offer an atmosphere dark and sinister that is while that that Gotham City.

Batman the Telltale Series

Do not arrive at the Frank Miller dark version of the Dark Knight, but the truth is that at the time we started heading, we swallow saliva before as well the different actions are performed and as Batman is getting rid of those enemies in the first steps that give the game. Here Telltale Games, in what have been playing, gives the proper key so you throw directly to a bout that is simply brutal with some worthy to see animations. Not them control, but that the tempo of the same almost us put before a bout of film.

Batman the Telltale Series

It only sticks is that the resolution is a little low and not can witness that greatness visual in all its entity. It will be thing that update it properly and we can enjoy it. You have it for free, at least the first episode, since the Google Play Store.

Quality technical

Batman the Telltale Series

A video game that presents a level technical spectacular with what you mete of full in all the history so is leave pass and go determining them possible changes in the script. Surprisingly, much combat and the tempo of it when we face different opponents that the Dark Knight will find his way.

Opinion of the editor


  • Outstanding the successful atmosphere
  • Get into the Batman talks making decisions
  • The fighting are energetic and spectacular


  • The low resolution

Download application

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