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EU agrees to abolish roaming in Europe from June 15, 2017


The end of roaming in Europe is getting closer. Specifically on June 15 this annoying service will end and we will have coverage throughout the old continent without having to worry about the Bill.

And it is that, although they carried years trying to find a solution to stop paying additional fees to our local rate when we travel by any of the 28 countries that are part of the European Union, it seems that at last there was agreement.

The Roaming will disappear the next 15 of June, at least in Europe


The phone operators have pressed hard to prevent it from reaching an agreement and, although finally it has won common sense, will be operators responsible for setting the limits on use of calls and data, so we have to be very attentive to the developments in this aspect.

And on the other hand there is the question of wholesale costs. How will the expenses generated by each operator networks applications be managed? Seems that finally the companies phone is charged between itself the consumption of its customers.

In this way, each giga shall be fixed at a cost of 7.7 euros from June 15, although it will go down until you reach the 2.5 euros giga in 2022. Something similar happens with the calls, which will decostar 5 cents to 3.2 cents in the same period.

While is certain that no operator has that disable them rates of roaming until the next 15 of June of 2017 between in force the new normative, already there are operators that allow perform calls in Europe and England keeping them features of the rate.

A clear example of this is Vodafone. Am client of them and have of recognize that, equal that there are things that not me like, the made of can go to any event international with the tranquility of have a good connection to internet and calls, are the reason main by what have a line with this operator.

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