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Experts claim that the Galaxy Note 7 was too thin for the battery

Note 7

At the end of this month we will know the reason for all the problem of battery which had the Galaxy Note 7 and which produced that many models for the wonder and amazement of the user burned by Samsung. A problem very serious for the company of which you will cost time remove of their history to the be a large stain in its curriculum.

Some of the reasons that have been taking greater relevance and have their logic, as when the exit points were too close from the other, which allowed the sources of loading and unloading is put together and caused the final burning of the device. A firm of engineering of design instrumental, has decided take a look to check that has happened really.

In the cutting and analysis of a unit, the team of Anna-Katrina Shedletsky, founder and CEO of the firm, found that driving the Galaxy Note 7 of form normal, got that the phone is expanded and is reduced on the battery. This exerted a pressure on the positive and negative cell layer. When those layers is found of form very close, the protection just serves of nothing, and them layers begin to feedback with energy in each a, and begins to increase the temperature so finally is originate the explosion.

In fact, that Samsung decided to place a battery of 3,500 mAh in a space very small, amplified the impact potential, although is here where is located the debate real. The tests the batteries they need a period of a year for some evidence and thousands of them need to be tested to obtain significant results. It is possible that innovative manufactured battery process was changed in the middle of the development, and the newer versions of the batteries were not tested with the same rigor that first signs.

The tolerance for the slot or space battery, at some points they failed even to 0.1 mm, which doesn’t help. There was no space for the Z-axis “breath”, when there is often at least one 10% tolerance.

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