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Explore planets and uses gravity to your advantage in the mythological Astra arcade

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Whenever I find a game that has something special in the, times up to I want to celebrate it in some strange way. Happens I’ll take that experience than me has left a great taste to return to the more eager to continue to play and continue to discover that gameplay, those details in certain aspects or the animation that usually get a pretty smile while you’re discovering aquellaa small work of art that is opening up before you. If then you discover, that it is made from a study Spanish indie with the brilliant idea of its main creator, and design and music of his two companions in this mythological and sidereal, adventure joy multiplies exponentially.

Because this is what is Astra, a special arcade which takes part of its gameplay of those games in which we must go jumping from planet to planet and others, that the endless runner is the denominator in common. Astra is drawn as a space adventure in which the protagonist will be exploring all these planets that make up part of a story based on Greek mythology. ASTRA is the adventure of Hemera, Goddess of the light of day and that is responsible for balancing the day and night, between darkness and light. The creatures of the night stealing the light of his mission for the eternal darkness and Hemera embarks on the adventure to restore balance.

Gravity and mythology

ASTRA is a beautiful arcade in which puts us before a mythological story that is the best background for discovering those special worlds in which we will have to remain cautious before the different creatures that will try to put an end to our plan to restore the balance between the darkness and the light. An arcade platform in which the mechanics of gravity is used to give the player a complete freedom of movement to go from one planet to another and thus end all the puzzles and levels to which it will be facing.


A video game in which the music, visual art, and a perfect realization, leads to a visual experience that dive and have a good relaxed time in which accompany to Hemera through a large number of planets.


With a single jump can prevent and kill various creatures that populate those planets, while with a double jump we can leave the radius of the force of gravity to go to nearby planets. Here, Astra does a great job on the mechanics and physics of the protagonist in that we do not find any lack of performance, or any movement coming out of what we have understood as gravity. It is a sublime work have done it in this sense and which gives of a great feature this game.

Explore all those worlds

Due to the peculiarity that is the gravity at Astra, we can have the kind of power out of the force of gravity to propel us into the void and go directly to other more distant planets. We have pitchers who will help us to jump better and we need to be careful so that our three lives are sufficient to explore the map of planets of the level in which we find ourselves.


They are 30 levels that are waiting for you and in each of them you will have to explore them well to find all the planets. A video game indy which usually revered for its whole range of details and in that it shows that the developers have put all their efforts and passion to deliver an experience different from other titles. Not easy is today to find little gems like this, and after passing by iOS, has finally landed on Android for all our joy.

It is free from the Play Store and its form of monetization is through coins that you can get by time or as it happens in other video games.

Technical quality


We started by their great visual quality that both characters and their animations as the design in general, rubbing a great degree of perfection. It has its own visual style, something that is appreciated and much to conform if only a game that has something unique.

The music is intoxicating and the effects of sound righteous without being heavy at any time. The right harmony between all its elements put him as one of the best arrivals in recent months. A game made for those who appreciate small jewels such as Monument Valley and many others as Machinarium or Limbo.

Opinion of the editor


  • His visual art and technical quality
  • His music is intoxicating
  • The history of background with Greek mythology


  • Nothing!

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