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Facebook adds new features to their bots in Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Bots have opened another door for virtual assistance where we headed for a chat in which according to the questions that we carry out, we will have answers already designed for the support of a Facebook page or that bot of time that so many laughter brought to who has used it to know the weather forecast for the next days.

Facebook launched already weeks ago the chatbots for Messenger, allowing you to order or find the latest recommendations about films to speak simply with a bot. Since then, more than 11,000 bots have been launched in Messenger and more than 23,000 developers have logged in bots engine. Now is when the social network has announced some new upgrades for your Messenger platform.

Innovations include the possibility for users to rate the BOT and provide feedback to the developers of the same, as is the case with applications. There is also a new feature called “quick answers”, which are essentially buttons that refer to most recent messages from bots, which also allows more agile conversations. If the bot ask the user for the color of a shirt, it could show several quick options to strike.

Another of the options that are included are the persistent navigation options in the same window, where the user forget the text command. There will also be an option for the link to the account that allows you to connect the accounts of customers to those of Messenger.

And, finally, the bots will have the option to send GIFs, video and audio as well as files. If you are interested in bots, Facebook has also announced a blog of Messenger that will show all the features and supports over this special feature.

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