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Facebook adjusts the timeline to display more relevant entries in your friends


These last few weeks certainly have seen some friend on Facebook complaining about the amount of advertising that are viewing your timeline or timeline. They are not one, but several that on my own timeline have launched their complaints to even show the possibility of that would close your account. And it is that Facebook algorithm sometimes makes mischief to almost look like that we have five minutes of advertising than to a social network.

The social network has returned to touch up your timeline or News Feed algorithm will appear before the entries of friends and family. The social network will now more important things such as photos, videos, status updates or links. It is in an entry on his blog, where Lars Bäckström, Director of engineering for Facebook software, takes his time to explain this optimization carried out the algorithm.

Lars Bäckström publishes:

“Overall, we anticipate that this update will cause a decline to the audience and the traffic referred to some of the pages.” The specific impact on the distribution of page and other metrics would depend on the composition of your audience.”

Facebook says that the change in the algorithm to the timeline comes to encourage users to share more from the platform, so so this content can be seen by friends or families who are sharing it.

Adam Mosseri also takes a blog entry to say this:

“Our success is based on the stories that are important to people. If you could look through the thousands of stories that they share every day and you had to Choose ten that were the most important, what would they be? The answer should be your timeline. “This is subjective, personal and unique and defines the spirit of which we hope to reach.”

The social network had changed the algorithm of the wall in April this year to focus on the articles. Facebook has stated that the final adjustments to the timeline are being deployed for the next few weeks.

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