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Facebook develops an app’s video of filters in time real type Prism


Facebook, similar to other large of the technology, not is it think much at the time of create own apps or services that mimic it better of that new that has emerged breaking almost the market in any category in concrete. We remember the case of Snapchat when the social network wanted to buy it and it dismissed its sale to sadness of the company of Mark Zuckerberg. What got is to launch its own app to imitate Snapchat, although it was rather to give more publicity to get a resounding failure in that vague attempt.

Now, seeing the great success that Prism has had with these special artistic filters, neither short nor lazy, has shown some characteristics of what will be your app’s video that allows you to add that kind of filters in real time. It was Chris Cox, head of product of the social network, which has shown a live on WSJD application.

The new app’s camera of Facebook is currently being developed, by what it shown is rather a prototype that works thanks to its intelligence artificial. What gets is that a video in time real is transformed in one as if were being painted by one of those painters classical to the use a technology called “stlye transfer” or transfer of style.


Filters resemble those they have seen in the Prism app which uses neural networks to convert the photo into an artistic piece. Facebook is now invented a new type of artificial intelligence called neural networks technology convulocionales to make that video real-time look at what makes Prism.

It would be nice that at least they were clear and that said that in the heat of Prism and inspired by this app, will get a new app for video. We do not know the day of its release, but soon more details shall be taken.

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