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Facebook forces users of Android to download Messenger to withdraw the mobile web version chat

Facebook Messenger instalación forzada

Facebook is aware that every time there are more Android users who are moving to the web mobile version of their social network or installing these alternative apps as Swipe for Facebook. These apps are also worth data taking of the web version, so now the social network owned by Mark Zuckerberg has made a move that will lead to that many have the unique option of install Facebook Messenger to chat with their friends or family.

And it is that Facebook is removing the chat of the mobile web version of their social network, what forces Android users to install Facebook Messenger. If you try to access the web version from your Android phone to the messages tab now appears this message: “your conversations will be available on Messenger.” Soon you can only see your messages from Messenger“.”

Some months ago I recommended the removal of the Facebook app for the horrendous work that takes place in the performance and autonomy of the terminal. How great option is use Chrome to create a direct access to your account on Facebook to have almost all of the social network, including chat messages. The other alternative is also using that shortcut and install Facebook Messenger. But is that now it will be impossible to not install Facebook Messenger to chat with your people from your Android phone. Facebook has wanted it as well.

Is that even when try to open messages in the mobile version tab from your mobile, apart from this abovementioned message, will take you directly to the installation of Messenger or will you launch the app.

We have an option as it is to have the patience to wait to get home and use Facebook from your computer to reply to these messages, because from now on, you must obligatorily install Messenger to respond from your mobile Android.

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