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Facebook is working on a new app for streaming of shows


Facebook it has tried with a good number of apps to try scratching share of market to others so many, although more in concrete to Snapchat. He was always attracted by the target users that has Snapchat, so these percentages has been in the position of launching apps to try to snatch it .

Right now would be working in the development of a new app to thus increase their profits of the advertising, just with an app that could supply video to your TV, according to reports the Rotary The Wall Street Journal.

This app is one in which Facebook has been working already for a few years, it will work with devices such as Apple TV and will bring a variety of video content to users. It is not clear whether they will be clips of your own wall or timeline to be displayed there, but the company would be in talks with media companies to offer 10-minute type TV shows.

The effort is due to the need for Facebook to grow income beyond earnings which currently has listings of users in your timeline, similar to video advertising tends to bring with it an increase in benefits.

Is it clear that Facebook will be find with the most important video platforms such as YouTube, or streaming content such as Netflix and many others. Will have that know place very well the content so is a half appreciably and is at the same time an alternative to those other so many platforms.

One of your options will be content that the users launch, although this will have to be some kind of filter to select those that Yes can encourage viewing by others. Either way, Facebook already has prepared another app to the general public.

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