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Facebook Live will receive a higher version with relay of two people at the same time and more

Facebook Live

Today same YouTube announced that streaming live is to point to the official app for mobile, so the battle for this type of content begins to get more and more interesting with the app from Google, Facebook and Twitter with Periscope.

Facebook is now which does not stay still and also has announced anything new with respect to Facebook Live that you will receive a further update shortly. The social network already has the function of streaming, but wants to increase its capabilities with a couple of interesting features.

The first of these is the ability of Facebook Live to allow Relay while two people. This means that the interviews and discussions can be made through the service. An interesting initiative for podcasters to for nonprofessional streamers wishing to have alghidas discussions via Facebook Live. Thus you can add other types of content from the service.

The other side that will run the next update has to do with the filters to the faces that you can add from MSQRD, an app, which we discussed not long ago, and like Snapchat, allows to use make-up on the selfies effects in real time. A good range of options to convert those broadcasts into something more fun when we can put us behind the mask of Batman, most Japanese-style makeup or getting some of those monsters.

It will also include a space where viewers can gather while waiting streaming scheduled one hour to begin. New features are being prepared so that they arrive for the coming months, by what does not take much to live webcasts different to what offer Periscope or YouTube when you have ready his all.

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