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Facebook Messenger incorporates suggestions through “M”, its Artificial Intelligence Assistant

Facebook Messenger

Facebook has recently announced the launch of suggestions in your Facebook Messenger Instant Messaging application. These suggestions will be ‘ offered to the users through its Artificial Intelligence Assistant, “M”.

Without a doubt, is a big step for the company “M” has been under development since the year 2015 and, although not all features have been completed, is already mature enough to begin to make suggestions live.

“M” uses techniques of machine learning to offer suggestions contextual conversations when it recognizes certain topics, words, or phrases. Your current actions includes:

  • Shipment of stickers: M can offer suggestions of stickers when the user writes things like “Thank you” or “Goodbye”.
  • Pay or request money: M identifies when people are talking about payments and gives them the option to send or request money.
  • Share location: M can suggest to share your location during a conversation.
  • Make plans: M can help coordinate plans creating details and reminders of certain events.
  • Surveys (only in group discussions): M makes it possible to initiate a survey in group conversations.
  • Get a transport: M share options for Lyft and Uber when you discussed going somewhere.

It is important to know that, unlike Google Assistant, “M” can not be invoked for specific things. Instead, it appears in conversations naturally when it detects that it can be of help.

Those who do not wish to M to interfere in their use of Facebook Messenger experience, the company said that it can be disabled from the configuration, or also set it to just do some suggestions, such as stickers. Take a look at how it works in the video below.

The Facebook Messenger suggestions through M are being deployed now in United States for users of Android as iOS, and will reach other countries in the coming months.

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