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Facebook Messenger is updated with Instant Video for video calls floating about the chat

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Facebook is deploying a new version of Messenger that brings with it the instant video messaging support for Android and iOS. Referred to as Instant Video, the new feature allows participants in a chat to start a video call, which opens in a floating window on the session of existing text.

This will allow that the faces you can see you while you use the keyboard to continue chatting so, since many are still hooked to this way of communicating while video calls leave them for other tasks. Logically, in order to use this new development, the two should have properly updated MessengerFacebook, since the otherwise it will be impossible.

The video can be started by clicking on the camera icon, just beside the voice call on the top right of the screen, which would previously throw a normal video call. To the do this, is opens a source of video direct in a window floating as happens with the bubbles floating, but on the same chat. Both can continue chatting through the text while you use Instant Video.

Instant Video

If for whatever still has not arrived the update to your smartphone, you can expect that the new version go being deployed for the next few days. As I have mentioned, the two participants of the chat must have completely updated the Messenger, so if your contact is not able to use Instant Video encourage that passes through the Google Play Store to update the application.

Another of those interesting initiatives from Facebook and that it is aimed at what is the video, a form of media that increasingly is taking greater entity and more interest, due, in part, to the improvement of the connection with speeds that allows the 4 G.

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