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Facebook Messenger now allows you to encrypt the conversations, although with a peculiarity


Facebook has deployed the encrypted end-to-end to 900 million of users through Messenger, to them two days of have released Messenger Lite, so thus the talks not can be monitored by third. The only thing, the new feature can not be used as it should be.

You will have to manually activate the feature of “Secret talks” for each of the chats you start and both participants will need to have at least the latest version of the app to make it work properly. Anyway, is the first step to have a more secure messaging app.

Other details of the encryption is that it is not available for group chats and only you can access the “secret talks” from the device in which you started them. They do not offer support for animated GIFs and videos, although that function the images and the stickers.

To activate this new feature of Messenger, press on the button again chat and then on “secret” or activate it in the part superior right before select a contact. You’ll see that the menu bar is changed to black. Now you can already start the chat coded form.

For chats already open, you can click on the name of the contact or the “i” button at the top of the screen and select from there “Secret conversation” to activate the encryption. The integration of end-to-end encryption is quite unlike how other apps have led it to your chats, such as Signal, Telegram or the same WhatsApp which since April has already started with this.

The great handicap of the encryption end-to-end in Messenger is that this type of conversations secret only work if them users know of this, since it more obvious is that it unaware of, by what not is a solution real.

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