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Facebook Messenger receives a large amount of new emojis most diverse by race and gender


Facebook Messenger there is no week that not to speak of any new feature or that one will incorporate within very little as it seems to be that it will occur with the end-to-end encryption. One of those features that are integrating the vast majority of messaging apps, and for one that stands as the second most widely used in the world, was already taking to announce it.

Now is when Facebook Messenger is updating those emoticons or emojis we often use in every day with a few new and renovation of other more ancient. Service is now offering more options for the smileys with a group called “Girl Power” that are also within all races so that nobody is left out of that game so funny that it is sending and receiving these funny icons.

Just as in game of thrones, where women are taking the power of the seven kingdoms, Facebook Messenger, at least on this occasion, the girls take the power with a pack called “Girl Power” which is updated the old icons and added a large number of them to get more fun from one side or the same.


Overall is about more than 1,500 emojis that Facebook is upgrading to a better representation of gender and skin color. All of those emoticons will be shown as see them in your device, like the receiver platform. Some of them include a runner, an officer of police, a passer-by, a surfer or mismamente a swimmer. You can also select the skin color you prefer and there is another option to change it in settings to make that tone which is default.

All these new emojis will begin to be deployed on Android, iOS and more platforms from today.

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