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Facebook Messenger test with a button to “add contacts”

Añadir contacto

The idea of Facebook is that Messenger is capable of being a completely independent app and this same will have been ensuring that, apart from use by all that user base that has a social network, even those who do not wish to be present in it, are able to be in contact with their relatives and contacts.

Now Facebook Messenger is testing a new feature that adds a button to “Add contact” to the messaging app in any way. As well as a number of features that are trying, are only a selected number of users who have had the luck to have this new button which would serve the same is occurring in other messaging apps.

Facebook has confirmed that you are testing this New button with a specific group of users who are able to add contacts to your Messenger easily. We have this option to send messages to other people if they are not friends on Facebook, but with the request message, sometimes they do not see it and it is buried between all those messages in your Inbox.

The ‘Add contact’ button will function as it happens with other apps for messaging that allows you to add contacts through your number or user name. If that person is on Facebook, you don’t need to be added to the list of Facebook friends. An important feature for those who want to be apart of what is social networking and messaging well separate so add contacts in a simple way.

An app that has more than 1,000 million users and is getting to be more and more people that use it. Surely that this new button will increase the number of downloads.

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