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Facebook us spy through the microphone of your mobile phone

No me gusta Facebook

If many reasons to opt for the removal of the official Facebook application for Android, following news that published The Independient had already the thing is much more clear to decide to eliminate completely trace any official app for Android in the social network with more followers in the world, and it is that according to Professor Kelli Burns , Professor of communication at the University of South Florida in the United States of America, us would be spying on Facebook via the microphone integrated in our Android devices.

That Facebook us spy by our mobile microphone, more news is a real suspicion that more than one we had at one time, and the truth is that, or come to us again or they are suspicions that can only be attributed to the network of Mark Zuckerberg, of echo, because we publish here itself and Androidsis an article talking about the subject of espionage on Android through unauthorized through eavesdropping our own microphones;  thing is worth remembering to large technology companies, called Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, WhatsApp or whatever their name, as this is an offence in Spain, European Union criminal code and virtually any democratic country in the world since unauthorized eavesdropping are completely illegal.

Facebook nos espía mediante el micrófono de nuestro móvil

In question, Professor Kelli Burns would have reached this conclusion of that Facebook us spy by our mobile microphone, simple testing that would have put to argue orally about different topics while you had your smartphone in sleep near it, mode checking stunned as to rerun the official Facebook application in your terminal This showed her ads in the application itself, containing relevant and explicit to the needs of the parlamentado in the recent talks orally.

This truth is that, if we look a little bit, more than one has happened personally. Without going any further, I myself to talking about certain topics with friends, issues that I do not usually comment on or looking for Google social networking, I’ve noticed that entering again into Facebook for Android, almost like magic is suggested me relevant ads to discussions with my friends that, until little I thought that they were completely private.

Facebook nos espía mediante el micrófono de nuestro móvil

We agree that the applications on Android, iOS or any mobile operating system worthy of the name, are increasingly intelligent for that, as we are told officially, just monitor what we write, chat and share through them, what I don’t see now as well and of course legal or moral, is that these applications on his own and without notifying us previously, are able to be permanently to listen to what we are talking about, even when we are outside of the application in question because he has this is called pure and simple espionage.

If this is something that a as me, you think a real madness and immorality that surpasses all lines of personal privacy, I suggest, or uninstall the official app for Android, or failing that, if you have an Android mobile 6.0 or one type Xiaomi which allows granting or denying permissions to applications on an individual basis , I suggest that you enter in the official Facebook application for Android or similar applications and you you deniegues the automated access to the microphone of your Android phone, and as we are, if flies!, I also would do with the access permission to the cameras of our droids, not going to be that it assaults us soon another news of style that these applications make the same with cameras built into our smartphones. It is that or opt for classic adhesive tape that cover the Chamber of many laptops.

And you, what do you think about this?, do you end up uninstalling your Android Facebook, you pass a customer the alternative as Facebook Lite or Swipe Facebook or simply gives you equal?.

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