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Facebook wants to bring end-to-end encrypted Messenger


Following the trend of set up the encryption end-to-end in all app Messaging online that is popular or used by millions of users, is now Facebook that does not want to miss the train and take it to your Messenger. Yet what happened with Snowden and such eavesdropping carried out by the NSA, for two years we have seen the ideas and proposals of up to developers of third-party, or even groups like CyanogenMod.

So Facebook would be about to follow WhatsApp and enter the encryption end-to-end play well soon. A new report claims that the social network could add encryption end-to-end to their Messenger app by the end of this year. A capacity to offer the end user the feeling of greater security and thus have more privacy when you send all kinds of messages from this channel of communication.

The feature of encryption, allowing only the transmitter and the receiver to be able to read texts, hopes it will be optional and will not be active by default. By what we know, this encryption mode will harm cramping to machine learning of Facebook which is integrated into Messenger.

A Facebook Messenger that currently has 900 million users and that has seen this year the addition of some new features such as group calls, the chatbots or the ability to send files to Dropbox from the same application without major concerns. Bots is where Facebook has put more emphasis and offer a wide variety of features for booking, weather updates, and what would be up to date on the news.

Anyway, concerning the end-to-end encryption, was a matter of time that the social network would include this functionality related to privacy to his Messenger.

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