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Facebook withdraws Notify and drops that you will integrate it in Messenger


Facebook, Google and Microsoft are able to eliminate root both services as apps, not passes nothing if you do the same with one you see that not pulling forward and it is costing you more keep it alive than the minimum income that barely produces. Although does not reach to the end of Google removed from middle to Google Reader, a very popular service, Facebook has now removed a slice of one of their apps.

Facebook is removing its news aggregator app called Notify. An app that has not reached or the six months of life and which was released in November 2015. Notifiqueme de cambios a arrived with the greatest of intentions to become one of the axes to keep up to date with the news, what happens is that the social network has realized that wasn’t going anywhere with this app.

Notifiqueme de cambios a app was available just for users of iOS, so those of Android, we are left with the desire to at least try it. An app that notifies users of news that can get you interested and which has a similar functionality in this respect to Google Now. You know, you go to some of the news that recommends you Google app and will begin to show you more news related to the theme or topic.

Anyway, Facebook has sent a message to the users of this app as part of the features of Facebook Notify will be carried to other products , so that we could soon see it included in the app’s messaging on the social network in this goal that has now combine more and more services from the same.

And it was from one of their spokesmen, who has stated that the technology used in Notify will be used by 900 million people through updates in real-time from Messenger.

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