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Fallout Shelter is updated with new missions and special events

Fallout Shelter

Last updating of Fallout Shelter was one of the best that has received this game from Bethesda who continue much war for years, since this popular video game study intends to continue to update periodically.

In this update I reviewed in a video, Bethesda brought special missions that allow us to find another kind of gameplay in which we can handle manually to the survivors. Now brings more content to increase the number of such missions.

This new update introduces some new features such as more missions so you can spend it pipe with those survivors who have the desire for adventure. Among them, you can count on the weekly missions and the special. Bottle and plate are the two mascots of Nuka-World and if you manage to finish their special missions, will bring you, whenever they come back from the wilderness, new gifts.

These special missions will also include that of holidays such as Halloween or Christmas, so you’ll have to watch to receive special rewards permitting you to access extra content for this wonderful game where you have to manage around a nuclear refuge after the Holocaust that has befallen the planet.

It is this quote from Halloween that Bethesda has wanted to make it clear that there will be a single room with this subject in concrete for a limited time, which may mean that, if you’re able to buy it on that day, you’ll have it forever, and so you can differentiate your refuge from the many others that will have your friends or contacts.

A version 1.8 coming to accentuate the content that has been including Bethesda in this game called Fallout Shelter and that has opened the way so soon we can get to know new bets, since even they have a directed study to the mobile.

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