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Fast, a client of Facebook that offers another experience, received a major update


Often the journey we have with Facebook for those who have an Android device. Between the response from Facebook saying that don’t use the microphone to recommend advertising, blocking of the web from a Mobile Android version and this app official heavy it, getting the system yield worse, us has fallen a good over. We are looking for alternatives such as those out of Facebook getting to imitate the experience offered by the social network from a web page, but we also fear that in one day is loaded the company owned by Facebook. At this time forces us to have a Facebook Messenger installed on your phone, best thing is search is a Fast, or Swipe customer for Facebook.

Fast is a client of Facebook that prides itself on great performance, personalization by themes, load and save images and the ability to add pages that we like to have the latest updates from the main screen or timeline. With the arrival of a major upgrade that introduces a new design, is the time to learn about this Facebook client wanted to give other qualities so that we forget that well heavy official app and other clients who take advantage of the lack of performance of the official app of this social network to receive tens of thousands of downloads.

An app that uses Facebook to offer another experience

Fast is a Facebook client but tries to offer a different experience. When you launch the application you will find before the main screen with that great space in white, a top bar with your Facebook name and a bottom bar in yellow which allows you to access bookmarks, Facebook, messages and notifications.


With this app, we say that we will personalize the experience of Facebook by selecting favorite pages and friends that we want to have from the own timeline that has Fast. This comes in handy because the vast majority of users tend to have a lot of pages and friends who sometimes not given attention, apart from the fact that Facebook algorithm sometimes does what it pleases.


In this way we select contacts and pages that we want and we will have them well updated from the timeline of Fast. That being said, when you pulséis about some of the entries in these same pages, you’ll have to grant permission to Fast so that you can modify those entries.

Fast, from this timeline, allows you to update the status, upload a picture, or add favorites to manage pages and contacts. Also has a navigation pane side from which you can access the most important parts of Facebook such as that obtained the FAB button and those like friends, I like you, events or search.

On Facebook

When we pass directly to Facebook, mismamente from one of the tabs located on the bottom, we already have the social network as if it were in the mobile version. The upper gray toolbar remains as such, but has other icons like that you allows you to change between vista desktop/mobile, refresh page or share. Here we are entering a clean non-major stock version, although it is still the side navigation pane to jump to any part of the social network at all times.


Fast has a good variety of settings to change the background, some tweaks in the interface to show the timeline of Facebook as the first tab or the ability to improve performance by lowering the quality of the images and less use of data.

It has handicap as the advertising we have standing at the top, although £ 1.49 you can delete it when you buy Fast Pro. A client of Facebook seeking other experiences but that does not forget have the social network both on the desktop and mobile version if you prefer.

Download: Fast for Facebook (Free, Google Play) →

Download: Fast Pro – Alternative Client (€1.49, Google Play) →

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