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Fault in the battery of the Nexus 6 p with Android Nougat

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Already met as the big G had that delay the launch of Android 7.0 to the Nexus 6 p. Did not understand that for the first time it took to get a major update of Android to Nexus devices which, although they had faults, always arrived all nearly in the same day. Android Nougat is finally here, but doesn’t seem all the well that is wanted.

Now are some owners them of the Nexus 6 p which are reporting a problem strange of the battery to the upgrade the device to Android 7.0 Nougat. The device continues to operate under certain circumstances and can only be restarted when connected to a power source, as if it were to be loaded.

This problem can be seen in a YouTube video. The user who upload it says that you are using a newly acquired 6 p Nexus which has Android 7.0. After take a few catches with the terminal, the Nexus 6 p is turns off the screen and is is completely off until is again to connect to the charger. Only through the power button can be to reboot the phone.

Nexus 6P

Not is clear that is what gets that the phone is is unused until are you back to connect to a source of energy electric, or if has a possible solution. It is speculated that upgrade it to Android 7.1.1 could solve the problem, apart from the fact that it is recommended again to Android Marshmallow.

Others are reporting that battery drainage is quite intensive or that when one gets to 25 percent of load of the battery is closed inopportune way. A Nougat that included an interesting novelty by what regarding to the system Doze, so even this entered to operate when is takes the device in the bag or pocket of the user.

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