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Fiat Chrysler and Google join forces in a system for automotive based on Android


Possibly in a future close are asking to a friend If has updated finally your car to the version Android 9.0 for so have that series of features new that still have of know and that surely have that see with the assistance virtual, the driving autonomous and others so many services that them leave in the mystery to the future us throws surprises.

It is at the CES in Las Vegas where part of that future will be drawing with new agreements between major brands as they have between hands Fiat Chrysler and Google with a new concept of a Uconnect system based on Android. Surely that now appears them two words Android Auto in your head, but to tell the truth, not has nothing that see the one with the other, so more surprises us expect.

It is not Android Auto in any way. Instead of this, this is the brand Uconnect of FCA implemented on AOSP. The vehicle manufacturer claims that its system Awards will keep its current interface while offering all the power that treasures Android in its bowels and we all well know.

This what means is that you can have access to Google Assistant, Maps and others apps well popular as can be Spotify, Pandora, Pocket Casts and more.

He handicap with this new chord is that Uconnect only is limited to those vehicles of Fiat Chrysler, so not expect that other brands is see involved in this concept. It is not the first time that a manufacturer of large entity that has been associated with a giant of the technologies, we have examples of Microsoft and Ford with its Ford Sync system. It only that occurs that to the be Android a system operating for devices Mobile’s masses, is sensed a greater success and reception.

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