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Fight against bosses samurai in the curious and amusing Ninja Madness

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Keep coming many games that have a pixel art as large denominator in common. We could almost say that we are on the turn of pixel art in its best form, with some video games getting to that let us remain surprised by the major success in many cases by the use of this technique of design. The Deer God is one of the best examples of pixel art of the moment and that many people are inspired to bring us different games with different themes but focused in that special way of understanding forms and concepts in the design.

Pixel art also appears in the strange Ninja Madness. Get ready to show your martial arts with a platforms simple good and in which the ability to overcome obstacles is one of the major facets of the protagonist of this game. Jump, run and glide through the various levels that you find to be the most skilled ninja in this planet and thus succeed all traps that you will face. As the Shinobi of the 90s, Ninja Madness contains part of what was that great platforms with a tone oriental weapons and clothing.

Throw shurikens at every creature that moves

Ninja Madness is a curious for some of their qualities game such as the design of the main protagonist, levels strange in that you will be immersed and that pixel art that gives you a neat touch. To be in pixel art, videogame converges to worry more about how can move to the next room to focus on other things.

Ninja Madness

So I put the batteries and trains throughout the day to unlock your supernatural skills, Polish those nerves of steel and become the stealthy cat that bursts before the enemies when already have another thing that die without delay. One of its best features are the battles with bosses where you will find some that will put things well difficult and could not miss in a game like this.

Many levels to play

Ninja Madness it has 70 levels to the protagonist ninja through them. We’d like to know a little history that this ninja is playing in such a way, but we will have to imagine it not having it from the page, what it seems is be very dangerous.

NInja Madness

A video game platforms with combat in real time at some points that have to go taking it calmly, since as you go pass the first levels, the thing will be getting harder. You can get to crash the ease of some screens so this is almost a hell power pass it, especially because we will have to take us in defining things to get to the end of the game.

It is available for free from the Google Store Play with typical micropayments in this type of casual games and platforms.

Technical quality

Ninja Madness

On the technical side primarily highlights the pose and design of the protagonist ninja who is known to perform very well before each of the enemies encountered. His jumps are fast animations a little terse, but that work very well to give us the feeling of that control perfectly the Ninja. Highlights of levels with some good interesting mechanical design and which will we test our reflection and ability with touch controls.

The diversity of mechanical is surely to other games-style, and their joint shows very good sensations to encourage us to play it daily so that at some point we will be able to pass the 70 levels. If you wanted to be a great ninja, this game makes it easy to remember us even to the Shinobi.

Opinion of the editor


  • The funny protagonist
  • The variety of levels


  • Nothing

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