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Fight against hordes of zombies with your heavily armed Dead Venture vehicle

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The zombies have taken over the Google Play Store with numerous titles we’ve been playing that in recent years and that put us above all kind of tessitura as the great arcade Zombieville USA 2 returned to the Google Play Store a few weeks ago, and that is one of the examples for this type of theme has both pull among millions of people. Nor can we forget series Rebuild, that puts us in the management of a shelter in which we must strengthen it and allow that life can continue its course behind its walls while abroad are those walkers who just want some fresh meat.

Dead Venture: Zombie Survival is another game of zombies, but in which we put before a vehicle strongly armed with which can venture us by different levels to run to those walkers that is abalanzarán, although are protected by a great variety of different cars, trucks and more. A video game arcade with good graphics that exudes good feelings and that is developed by Dogyte Games, known for its Offroad Legends titles. Now they become a zombie apocalypse which must survive as possible driving this vehicle that we have to improve with the strongest possible firing weaponry.

Gun your vehicle all you can

Not everything will be destroy those walkers or zombies, but that you have to rescue survivors, escort convoys and improve your car or buy others of greater weight. Kill the zombies you can win the game currency that allows you to increase the size of the tank of the vehicle, improving its speed or arming him at the top with all of a machine gun with which you can download bulletproof automatically against all those walkers.

Dead Venture

It is unlock new weapons, improved equipment and the purchase of new vehicles where is another attraction of this game that can do things very well to entertain us. And it is that we will be mainly fulfilling missions with which we will be unlocking new environments. The gameplay relies on those games Earn To Die, although here we have an isometric perspective for a video game created in 3D in a beautiful way.

Different modes of play

Apart from the way campaign, Dead Venture has two more modes which will give you enough chicha to the game. One is the survival mode, you can imagine that it will, and the Time Trials, in which you will have a time limit to accomplish certain objectives.

Dead Venture

The story mode has 8 chapters, so you’ll have game for a while so go unlock all upgrades to go buying all those vehicles that are waiting for you. A video game that has great content to play and recommend to all to make you enjoy trying to eliminate all Walker who is standing.

The game have free Google Play store and uses micropayments to be able to monetize it. Works on Android, iOS is not available for free, although if you pay by the, have the unlocked content. Get micropayments to freemium model, since games like Dead Venture deserve penalty a penalty paid for them to have all content through a single payment.

Technical quality

Dead Venture

Dead Venture has a great technical accomplishment and everything in it is very well designed. His characters, vehicles, zombies, environments and animations have great quality and that 3D is very well noticed with a very colorful, which gives life to the whole in general. The truth is that this study know design games and that is noticeable from the first match. Do not miss the appointment if you like good games, you have long Dead Venture for long.

Opinion of the editor


  • Great design in the visual
  • High technical level
  • Different modes


  • Nothing

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