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Filters a real image of the G6 LG which confirms the glossy finish and dual cameras


LG G6, to dispense with this year of the modular aspect, already was indicating in various rumours that another design may be coming to distance itself from those battery packs, photography and others that were one of the most major aspects of the LG G5.

That Yes, we won’t forget your LG Friends as we met yesterday, but today we have a story more juicy for containing the actual image of the G6 LG on their back. What indicates and confirms that dual cameras will be present on the flagship, more than would be that peculiar gloss finish and so fashionable.

That finish in black shiny reminiscent of the jet black of the iPhone 7 with what LG will seek more than bring a design other than its competitor Max, the Samsung Galaxy S8. In this way would have a terminal that can take the applause of the public at large and that if it is able to bring a powerful enough hardware and with great autonomy for the day, would place him in a very special position in the face of competition.

It was not the first time that we have seen leaking this type of finish, although it was a bit difficult to think that it would be so because the fakes that have been emerging in recent weeks. Another reason for that finish involves LG implements the Wireless charging.

This filtered image confirms the emergence of dual cameras Setupagain. The two lenses are placed on each side of the LED flash. The complete camera is located on the home button and sensor tracks with best elegance in the forms that in LG G5.

It is the 26 February when LG will reveal to its new flagship at MWC, so not we have so much to discover in all its essence.

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