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Flamingo for Twitter is an excellent customer with a great deal in the visual


With the commotion happened related to Phoenix, a Twitter client that from one day to another happened to disappear from Google Play Store to have the limit of tokens or keys raised so that more users could acquire it, several developers saw a great opportunity to present their Twitter clients as Finch, a free app with a good deal in the visual and that has been updated to include the best features for those users who have been before the attempt to search for new options.

Now we have another Twitter client that comes from the creator of the app Weather Timeline. Flamingo for Twitter is a new client for the micromensajes social network that has a great predisposition in the visuals and that by this same its developer, Sam Ruston, has been acclaimed by up to high levels of Google with regards to design. Flamingo is a Twitter client that properly follows the lines of Material Design design and which is available for a little more than one euro without micropayments within the application.

Looking for the essence of Phoenix or heel for Twitter

Flamingo developer has things clear in the sense of developing an app to take the best of some of the best customers of Twitter such as Phoenix or heel for Twitter. Two apps that met with great acceptance by itself have a multitude of features and advocate for good design. It is in this last facet where Flamingo wants to distance the two mentioned with a clear design, very Material Design and in its sum offers a great user experience the user who passes through your purchase.


A family app for anyone who has gone through the best solutions such as apps on Twitter and that remains the most typical these tabbed interface at the top with the principal for the timeline, one for mentions and one for direct messages. Through them you can navigate with precision swipes and that forms the user experience that getting customers who are buying the app, launch good reviews on the Google Play Store.

A great Twitter client that has its rough edges

Flamingo also has some basic options such as multiple Twitter accounts and search, and others not so much such as those advanced we get lists and a profile that is embedded in the side navigation menu. A menu that is also in other clients of Twitter, such as the two mentioned, and Finch, he spoke a month ago, as another app has great quality.


But as I have said, Flamingo commitment to his customisation, the visual and those options that allows users to access up to ten different themes at its launch and that they can be adjusted even with more options for color, sources and what is change the size of the text.

Having said all that, Flamingo is still in a beta state and some which causes another unexpected closure. Some feature to another as a widget is can take missing, a functionality that should be presented from the first version, so we will wait to properly update the app.

Moving on to the next, Flamingo is a Twitter client that has bright future but that for users who use Twitter every day intensively, can not be recommended. Although if we are warned about what happens with tokens, that often have a fixed amount of keys, perhaps its €1.59 want to have a site reserved before that in months run out of them. It is not the first that has happened this as to Falcon Pro and other so many customers.

Download: Flamingo for Twitter (Beta) (€1.59, Google Play) →

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