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Flow is the Microsoft response to TWITTERFEED; now available


After being under months of testing, Microsoft has published form official Flow, your app as a tool for automation that competes directly with the popular TWITTERFEED and Zapier.

The service allows you to connect your apps based on the cloud to a series of multiple actions in string of jointly. Similar to TWITTERFEED, is can set so that is send a notification to Slack when someone modify a file shared in Dropbox, or is saved tweets with a hashtag in specific to a sheet of calculation of Google. The possibilities are nearly endless as you know those who are accustomed to TWITTERFEED.

There are currently up to 58 apps supported to connect them and who is performing certain actions when certain conditions are met. These apps include Facebook, OneDrive, Suite G, INstapaper and Wunderlist. Flow can be configured both from its app web and iOS as in Android.


Not only stays in a personal use, but that the idea of Flow is also aspiring to be an important tool for companies, so they can deploy service through apps in specific geographical or by team actions by area with some restrictions.

Flow is a free app, but if we want to make the most of it we will have to pass before any of their payment plans ranging from $5 to 15 by user. A service that is available in iOS since June and that perfectly serves to coordinate it with productivity tools, but if you’re looking for is control the lights in your home or save entries of some social networks, perhaps it would be more interesting is to try TWITTERFEED and Zapier.

An interesting arrival from Microsoft that is will be worth of their other platforms to Flow can expand is to more users. Already same participates from here.

Download: Microsoft Flow (Free, Google Play) →

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