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Forged to Fight, new title of Transformers to the spring of 2017

Nuevo juego de Transformers para la primavera de 2017

The saga Transformer is of the more prolific, with toys, comics, films, series of animation and also games for Android. To them titles that already can find in the Play Store of Google, as for example Transformers: Battle Tactics, will join soon one new that will receive by name Transformers: Forged to Fight.

Hasbro, the empresera toy that sells these toys, already is working with a company in Canada called Kabam Games, specialist in the development of games for platforms mobile. In fact, among Kabam titles we can find games that aim to be similar to what could be this new Transformers, as Marvel title: Contest of Champions, which came out in 2014, or Star Wars: Uprsing, which came out in 2015, so the choice has not been in tandem.

The idea for this new game is it of create a RPG of fight, where them Autobots and them Decepticons not will be this time enemies, as one might expect, but Allied front an enemy common that comes from a time future. The creators, among the first strokes on the game, announced today that in this title can play with the Transformers of all ages, from the beginning up to the present, something that surely will like the longest followers of this saga which has already three decades behind him.

Kabam Games has already posted on YouTube a promotional trailer of the game, in part with ‘real-life’ images, but that they will serve to get a slight idea of the graphics, which announce will be in 3D and in high quality:

Click here to view the embedded video.

The game will not be available until the spring of 2017 according to its developers, a date vague and little concrete, so it plays to wait. It rather than have been able to confirm is that them first in enjoy of this game, before the launch official and still in version beta, will be them users of Android.

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