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From the creator of Two Dots comes Dots & Co, an adorable and addictive puzzle

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Them puzzles in which one is can take a rest after take some split multiplayer to Clash Royale or out of those dungeons of some dungeon crawler retro, tend to relax us greatly to take us the tranquility enough for the calm. We have all kinds of puzzle games in which can highlight one such as TwoDots, a beautiful and relaxing puzzle game that combined a great visual look for the peace of mind that evoked. Its creator is presenting as one of the serious developers who have this category as one of his great passions, and as it could be, there is no two without three. And is that today can speak of a third that comes of this study of games of great quality in their ideas and projects for the gaming.

Dots & Co is the new commitment of Playdots. Arrives with the same recipe that the previous titles where have found a beautiful design, simplicity in the gameplay and a great addiction that cause by it fun that can get to be thanks to their details. Dots and TwoDots were a great success of downloads in the Google Play Store, by what already were taking in bringing us another of those creations essential that also serve as source of inspiration for others studies that copied its mechanical. Like previous versions, Dots & Co proposes that you links points to remove them. These points will be of colors and have that go by combining them to make them disappear.

A history to discover

Dots & Co not only will be a multitude of puzzles for you to solve, but that game we propose to know the several stories of some characters that will get that missions are a bit more complicated. With this, I say that these characters will offer skills to eliminate the points. And that is the big difference compared to this new game with the former TwoDots.

Dots & Co

And is that the gameplay you will find many similarities with the mentioned, having to go by linking those points of the same colour, either vertically or horizontally, or mismamente articulating a series of combinations ladder if necessary. The meeting with those characters you will take before the ability of mark all them points of the same color or eliminate points of one in concrete.

Colorful characters

You shall be also brought several good interesting attempts as the ability to use more triangles, so go knowing each one of them will give you the key to success for each of the levels that has this great puzzle game.

Dots & Co

A video game that you engatusará for several reasons and has that special touch of distinction in the visual with a well chosen color palette. The characters and levels have also theirs to add more to that you encandiles this new third bet of this study of videogames that can very well do things as it relates to the puzzles. We very happy by this, since means that will have more games to this style to pass us the hours enjoying with their puzzles some more complicated, others them less.

Dots & Co is available for free from the Google Play Store with the typical micro-payments that you can help to keep the game where finished it if got at some point. Anyway, it is very playable if you do it from the free and not think to spend a euro in this little gem.

Quality technical

Dots & Co

PlayDots returns to play his cards very well , and in this third installment brings us this excellent design of characters with a few flat colors and a balanced palette of colours which gives a great appearance in the visual. In relation to its mechanics is still magnificent to hook you want to continue playing at all those levels that await you. Another of the best puzzles of the year.

Opinion of the editor


  • His visual art
  • A whole
  • The gameplay


  • Nothing

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