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From the creators of Subway Surfers comes another endless runner called Blades of Brim

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The last endless hard-nosed runner that we had these lines, more in the style of the Temple Run, was that of the recently released movie the jungle book. In this 3D environment that opens before our eyes through the screen of our smartphone, jumps and lane change allows us to sort all those enemies and obstacles that they’ve gone through the film you have found at home. A category full of titles of great quality in Android and every so often publish one since these lines as it happens in the day with Blades of Brim.

Blades of Brim is an endless runner of pure strain that comes from the creators of the great Subway Surfers, so first we have much quality from this team, which has released one of the best games of this category. In this new adventure, more related to the middle ages and Spades, you will have to join your forces Brim heroes to save the world from the invading army of thugs. An epic universe in an endless runner in which Knights, swords and colorful environments, will take you for a great adventure in which you must be attentive to overcome every obstacle that you get in your way.

From the creators of Subway Surfers

Having the backing of a team that launched one of the endless best runners we have in Android, already if means a lot. And this is noticeable from the first batch that you take in this title that was originally announced as a one exclusive to iOS, but which finally SYBO Games has led to Android. A year it has been slow in getting this game, but as they say, better late than never.

Blades of Brim

An endless runner focused in a combat swords and having to raise the level of the various heroes that you can play. One of its virtues is that same, to take one or the other with their own abilities that you must learn. You will be able to perform combos for a higher attack power and get more points. The objective is to kill all the enemies you can in your infinite race to save the world.

The magic of Brim comes to your smartphone

You can customize all the characters with better weapons and armor, special mounts and get powers to eliminate more enemies of a Chuck. All this must be done while you focus on the road so that you are not one of those vile monsters that will try to you cease your epic adventure.

Blades of Brim

A good endless runner that we have some important features such as these pets, in the form of lions, horses and Dragons elementals. A game in which the color is everything and that will take a moment to not even make swipes to wield the sword and defeat all those enemies.

You have available for free from the Google Play Store with typical micropayments, something already normal in this type of freemium games. If he dazzled you Subway Surfers, Blades of Brim is highly recommended to make the most of this new title.

Technical quality

Blades of Brim

As I have said, Blades of Brim has an great accent color and surroundings brilliantly designed to bring us a great epic adventure with the background which means the middle ages. Both the enemies and the heroes are very well designed and the animations are also high quality. A video game which extols the quality of your smartphone screen, so if you have a good resolution high-speed cute.

In the technical implementation note that it comes from an expert team in games for mobile devices, so if yours is this genre of video games, today is your lucky day.

Opinion of the editor


  • Good technical implementation
  • His sympathetic characters


  • There are no unexpected twists

Download application

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