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Gboard passes from them 500 million of downloads in the Google Play Store

He arrive to the 500 million of downloads for an app not is task easy, because is has of convert in a desired and needed by million of users in all the planet. Skype, Dropbox, Skype and many other Google and Facebook, have come to pass that number that immediately transforms them into one of the indispensable for many today.

Gboard, or what we know by Google keyboard, has passed the 500 million downloads. This he managed to get into the select club of apps installed by millions of people, and fairly soon that would have updated with several features, apart from the rename of Google keyboard Gboard.

The transformation of the Gboard keypad for Google, this update brought with it one of the most noteworthy features we’ve seen on a keyboard for some time. The inclusion of the “G” button at the top left of the keyboard, which allows you to search from the own app without having to put in another, was a success and for this reason has become a very special keyboard.


Gboard is also notable for allowing the use of several languages at the same time, keyboard by voice, searching for GIFs (only supported in some apps) or a hand writing. But where distance SwiftKey or others like Swype, is the ability to perform a Google search for and share it directly with the app in which we find ourselves. Can seem something curious in a principle, but when it begins to use offers greater versatility and greater independence.

Not us will stay in only these features, since Gboard has that learn of some things that knows do very well SwiftKey, as is it has since quite difficult to this same by the inclusion of the button G.

Download: Gboard-the keyboard from Google (Free, Google Play) →

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