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GearBest celebrates its third anniversary with an infographic

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Many of you know the website GearBest, one of the best websites to buy Chinese products. Proof of this is the huge growth of the company. And is that GearBest meets three years full of success thanks to its impressive catalog and especially for its good policy of guarantee and great reliability.

Now, to celebrate its anniversary, the GearBest team has published a fun computer graphics where you can see how has grown one of the best online stores of Chinese products over the past three years.

So has grown GearBest over three years

Infografía de GearBest

In this way, GearBest opened its doors in 2014, creating a profile on the major social networks and allowing thousands of users purchasing Chinese products at really competitive prices.

Sample of this success is the following year, when GearBest opened its first stores in Europe to cover this region. The headquarters, located in United Kingdom is responsible for distributing all products purchased in the European continent.

The next important step comes in 2016, when the popular website comes to an agreement with emails so they are responsible for sending the products in Spain.  Also in some countries of Latin America they improve your messaging service.

On the other hand, and given the success of GearBest in Europe, and especially in our country, the popular distributor decides to bet on Spain to open first stores in our country, reducing the time of shipment of the products available.

And continuing with this support our country open a web in Spanish and create the first Telegram Gearbest channel, so you don’t miss any of the deals offered on its portal.

GearBest smartphones sales They have grown significantly as you can see in the graphics of the company. And stay tuned, because I’m sure that we will see many interesting offers on the official website of GearBest to celebrate their anniversary. Quiet, at Androidsis we will be alert to see what GearBest guys surprise us.

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