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Get buttons on screen of your Android without root Pixel

Pixbar is a new application with which you can have buttons that are in the device Pixel on the screen of your Android smartphone, and this without that you see have to root your phone.

Pixbar is the last application developed by dunrite, the same developer of nowPaper, an app that gives users a wide and beautiful collection of desktop wallpapers in high definition inspired by Google Now. Basically, with Pixbar you can replace the buttons on the screen of your Android smartphone not Pixel, for the buttons which are in the new Pixel and Pixel XL Google.

The buttons on screen of new Pixel and Pixel XL smart phones are slightly different from those found in the rest of Android devices, whether one Nexus, an LG phone or any other: backspace and the key of recent applications are fully colored and the Start button looks like a circle inside another circle.

If you like the appearance of the buttons on the Google Pixel screen, now you can have them on your smartphone thanks to the Pixbar application and without have to do root.

Pixbar gives you those three buttons that are found on smartphones Pixel and even lets you change the color in them, provided that your device is running with Android Lollipop or higher.

The last application developed by dunrite will give you those three buttons located in the Pixel smartphones and will even allow you to change the color within them, but to do so you know that the condition is that your phone is running on Android Lollipop or higher.

Only devices that use Android on screen buttons will work with Pixbar, but it seems that the developer is expanding support for devices such as the G5 LG and HTC 10.

Pixbar has a price of €0.99 in the Google Play Store.

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