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Get to exploit the enemies in Blast Blitz, a devilishly difficult ‘Bomberman’

These last days we had the launch of Mega Man Mobile Google Play store. Turn a little strange of the popular character that once brought us things quite difficult to offer an exaggerated degree of difficulty on each of the titles that were released to consoles. I speak of the difficulty because it is one of the points that should be emphasized when a game is released we are between the difference that the game a success or ceases to be played as practically to enjoy it. Not is nothing easy find the point exact so the player again again and again to take a split, since is the objective of the greater part of designers of games or, at least, should.

Blast Blitz could say that it is quite on the difficulty and almost puts us in the position that the game was “wavering” us by how many times that we will die because of their complicated AI and the control that sometimes becomes quite difficult to drop those bombs with which we will be opening steps through the Dungeon. A game to the ‘Bomberman’, although with some differences which requires a game of this style to the more casual-oriented. Dungeons that are generated almost infinite shape and that content that you have to unlock to customize your games to the Crossy Roads and more games that exist in the Google Play Store.

Put bombs everywhere to make you way

Blast Blitz is a game published by PolyPandas that puts us to the infinite Dungeon generation and those pumps that are the best tools to open aisles and eliminate those enemies that move peacefully without affecting almost to our presence.

Blast Blitz

And is that the AI in this game is too clever or has an exaggerated degree of difficulty, because the first time that we see some of those characters wandering through the Dungeon, without almost realizing, will release a bomb that will be rolling to destroy us without just disheveled. To the next game, we will find a pitcher of pumps that will loose one that will be rolling to where we are to go back to having to start all over again. It is quite difficult from the first game and will be that we seize the males so we try to return all those machinations by this game.

To the Crossy Roads in visual style

The visual format chosen to Blast Blitz is more style pure Crossy Roads so our smartphone do not have so many problems to make it work. This brings us to a few sympathetic characters, but they have a toco slightly devilish, especially as they can become thousands of chips to drop one of those powerful bombs.

Blast Blitz

The movement is quite simple with gestures to move the protagonist that move. To release a bomb, we will keep pressing for a few seconds until we see that the bar has been completed. We move to one side or we hide behind a corner, and in seconds it will explode the bomb. You can even put the time of detonation to achieve that those enemies fall at our feet with our explosions.

Anyway, we have the choice that pumps that we give them a good kick to remove in the Middle, although it will not be so easy. You have the option to unlock other characters, use special powers and earn coins to the same style of Crossy Roads.

Got you for free from the Google Store Play with obvious micropayments and advertising.

Technical quality

Blast Blitz

Moves quite well in all respects, although the character’s movement is sometimes difficult, since a swipe can lead us to the movement of a box, while another until you hit a wall. At the visual level is well acceptable without many fanfare.

Opinion of the editor


  • Well designed broadly
  • Style visual friendly


  • Very difficult

Download application

Download: Blast-Blitz (+Free, Google Play) →

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