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Giphy Cam brings his great ability to create GIFs and magical special effects to Android

Giphy Cam

We were eating nails when there are apps on iOS which have not been able developers bring to Android. Among them is Giphy Cam, an great application to create animated effects, stickers and other extras that comes at the time just so you can share those created through WhatsApp, when it already allows shipment of this type of multimedia files.

An app that joins many others that allow us to create GIFs animated quickly and that have become one of the most popular these days files formats. Telegram was agile and included even the Giphy service to make animated GIFs in a quick way to search and we can share them with friends or contacts to answer without just writing a Word.

An app for special animated GIFs

Just like the version of iOS, Giphy Cam allows you to record video (either a normal clip, or one short for an infinite loop) and dress it with filters, cartoon stickers, frames, backgrounds, emojis and texts so the result is still more fun even.

Once you have saved a clip of video and added them effects necessary for get the greater result, is can Save the GIF to the storage internal or share it of form immediate through them networks social.

Giphy Cam

There is mention that the app from Android, for the time being, not to allow the import of video from the Gallery to create GIFs with them; nor has the new IRL stickers that can be applied to actual objects placed around a face as happens with this excellent virtue that has the own Snapchat. Of all forms, there will be that wait a little, because the same team of development of this app has declared that the import of video will come soon to Android.

Launching the application

To the start Giphy Cam will have that give you the permission for access to the Gallery, unless that walk in Android 6.0 or higher. We already placed directly on the main screen where you will have the app’s camera with which you can record a video clip pretty quickly.

We have the option to Activate the flash light to record in situations of low light and the ability to switch between the front and rear camera. These two options have their respective buttons in the part superior in the left and right respectively. The next thing is to find the shutter button to start recording, more what would be a series of rows in which we may elect to all that customization that we can apply to the animated GIFs you are going to create.

Giphy Cam

The first row is for filters that we can apply. Have from a curious and fun effect VHS, one more to vintage or others so many with that customize the appearance in general of the video that go to take. The next row is the one of the stickers, as we go by pressing one applies to the display so that we can place it in the position that we want to display. At all times, we can delete it. There are all sorts of well curious and fun effects to apply.

The following two rows are dedicated to the funny faces and accessories, with which you can dress and draw that out in the animated GIF. We continue with mask layers that will eliminate a portion of the video to convert it into a blue sky with clouds or a psychedelic way to convert this clip. Ended up with the Overlays, which are animations of characters, dozens of hands moving or other extras that I encourage you to try yourselves.

You finish customize the GIF with the framework (hearts, a rainbow, and more) and the text, you can apply a specific font to write the message you want. By clicking on the button to record video and will launch a burst mode to take successive snapshot captures. They will leave you the options to change the infinite loop mode, save the animated GIF or pass it directly to any of the social networks.

You have the app for free from the Google Play Store.

Download: GIPHY CAM. The GIF Camera (Free, Google Play) →

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