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Glyph is a ‘ cinema notebook ‘ that works thanks to your smartphone


The CES of them Vegas is having its great importance by them devices connected, and is that are in a time that all those gadgets technological are connected of any of them ways to them smartphones or say mismamente Internet. So a fair that passed by be interesting by them devices of some brands, now collects a large amount of them to which is difficult that us escapemos.

Is as Glyph, a device that is converted in a cinema portable and that works thanks to that smartphone that carry in your pocket or bag. And it is that this gadget is possibly later to a near future in which we will use wearables as the same with those who can watch movies, since this is the main idea of Glyph of Avegant.

The Glyph is a viewer multimedia that not have a size greater that ones headphones type senheisser. Within each Glyph there are two small parts for the eyes that are full of ‘ micro mirrors ‘ that provide a resolution comparable to it of a film of high definition. This film you always have in your backpack and you can become an excellent companion when we travel.


Once you are connected to your phone, each piece is independently adjusted for distance and approach, until we get to see a giant screen. Will take ones seconds, as passes with the VR, for make is to the experience, but past that instantly, you will see dipped within almost a room of film.

It only sticks and that remains to that experience, is that can look by over and under of the screen to see what you surrounds, although this also has its point positive to the to be out of that “reality” that you puts to the play content multimedia.

Now the price, Glyph costs $549, so you leave with the part cold of the news.

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