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GoodBye Pokemon Go, Hello Root

Pokémon GO

In this post of opinion personal that have dear holder GoodBye Pokemon Go, Hello Root, I want to talk about the tricky issue or decision of Nintendo, of prohibit the access to the game to all them users with a terminal Android rooted or with a device iOS with Jailbreak. A decision made by the creators of what until now had been the best Android game of all time, at least that more hype and impact around the world talking to had, and which now, after little more than two months of existence, already almost nobody remembers it, both already not look users en masse through the streets of cities to hunt and capture of their Pokémon favorites.

But, what has become of all these users that famous with the game this summer?. Think hit to the think, at least in what is refers to them users of the game from of Android, of that many of them called coaches from of Android, is have given to it leak, leaving the game of side and opting by the wise decision of follow being user Root to enjoy of all the advantages that this us offers to them users of Andy. Some advantages that under any concept are willing to leave for to enjoy of the game of Pokemon. Go, and more if we are to think that still remains cheats in the game either through automated boots or tricks to play Pokemon Go without leaving home.

Apps para hacer root en Android

The case is that and can even understand this controversial decision by Nintendo and Niantic prohibit access to the game to user Root or terminal with Jailbreak for iOS with the only excuse to ban entry to the game to cheaters, this in the case of iOS operating system that I have the luck or misfortune of knowing too well You may have given them a good result and have avoided to cheaters, although it is clear that in the case of Android that has not given any results.

Nintendo with this decision that affects users Android Terminal Root, has wanted us to take by users of iOS which have a terminal with Jailbreak is a synonym of payment apps downloaded free or perform illegal tricks, thing in Android, for all those who do not know as leaders and managers of Nintendo , not is need have a terminal rooted for to download and install applications of payment free or perform different tricks as play to Pokemon Go without out of House.

It be user Root or have a terminal rooted is much more than that that is imagine them from Nintendo. You have a Root terminal serves us to enjoy an optimized terminal to remain useful even when manufacturers leave it aside, with Root we can optimize our Android, root processor can improve the consumption of battery, with Root we can update our Android when as she is does not provide us with updates to new versions of Android. Would of truth friends of nintendo think that were going to leave of being Root by play to Pokemon Go?.

For that and many other reasons such as the arrogance of these from Nintendo which are intended not is what, that I have decided to make the decision, there still tricks to be able play Pokemon Go from a terminal rooted, tricks that hide the Root, I have decided to stop playing Pokemon Go saying these Nintendo and Niantic , GoodBye Pokémon Go, Hello Root.

Was nice the know you but there you stay Pokemon Go since not me deserves the penalty the take me them discomfort of flashing my terminal to hide the Root or much less clear is, dispense with of the Root in Android. So a time more you say: GoodBye Pokémon Go, Hello Root.

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