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Google acquires Limes Audio to create “the best voice market online”

Google adquiere Limes Audio para crear "la mejor calidad de voz online del mercado"

Google announced today that it has purchased the Limes Audio signature, a Swedish sound company specializing in acoustic echo cancellation and the improvement of the sound.

With this operation are confirmed intentions that has Google continue improving the quality of sound and calls in its entire range of products, in particular Google Hangouts.

Environments loaded with noise as as the cafes and streets of a city, but also connections to the internet that offer poor quality, can have a negative effect on the quality of the audio of a talk on line, in such a way that it can often be difficult to understand to the person on the other end.

Today, hardware solutions as noise-canceling microphones are designed to filter out ambient noise and today, are standard on most mid-range and high-end phones however, the truth is that they do very little to reduce echoes, and do absolutely nothing to fix connectivity problems.

In response, software solutions as the technology developed by Limes Audio can be operate in coordination with hardware solutions to improve the quality of the proofingor even in the most difficult circumstances.

Serge Lachapelle, Director of product management for Google Cloud, announced the acquisition through the Google blog:

Today, we’re excited to announce the acquisition of Limes Audio. The Limes Audio equipment built a technology that makes voice communication systems, sound better, so that you can hear the person that you are talking about and can hear you.

Although Google still has not confirmed explicitly any immediate plans about when or how it will integrate Limes Audio technology into products like Hangouts or YouTube Live, it is quite clear that that is something what we will hear throughout this 2017 we just released.

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