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Google adds eight new categories to the Google Play Store

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It seems that the Google guys are working hard to improve a bit the Google Play Store. Two days ago, they included a new algorithm that is able to reduce the size of apps and specify the weight right of each of the applications, now they bring another novelty, but related to the ability to classify all that digital content that they have in its vast store of apps and games.

From their own blog, Google has announced eight new categories for Google Play already registered 1,000 million active users in 190 countries around the world. Being one of the most important platforms on the planet, those of Mountain View are still updating it to provide a better user experience. If already had the section of games indy, now have eight categories new that encompass a series of apps.

Eight are new categories and Google has also taken the opportunity to Rename other few to make it its fullest meaning and at the same time the search are more accurate in the paragraph you want.

The new categories are:

  • Art & design
  • Vehicles
  • Beauty
  • Dating
  • Events
  • Drink & food
  • Home
  • Parents

The category of “transportation” has been renamed to “maps & navigation”, and “Media & video” is now known by “Video players & editors”. Ones changes necessary to determine best the content that one can find in those categories and that liman slightly the experience of use that any person can get when sailing by the Google Play Store. Anyway, much work to Google is that content in apps and video games go according to categories, since there are sometimes that one does not know or where.

These new categories will be added for the next few weeks, so do not worry much if you still do not have them on your phone.

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