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Google aims to manufacture their own Pixel hires David Foster


Yesterday were presented them Pixel, and the truth that was all a surprise which we found when Google is evolving towards other horizons. These are launching high-end products to the Samsung and Apple to fight a duel with them for years. Is in the range of prices where is are their major critical, but also there are that know that have been many who always said that if a day Google launched a device premium, it would buy. Be that as it may, the Pixel has come to stay brand and it is proposed according to the plans of Google for years.

Among all the maremagnum of information that emerged yesterday, appeared a news that has that view with the future of the Pixel of Google. David Foster, who has been Chief Engineer of product from Amazon in the last five years and the guilty create those fantastic Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Voyage, now passes to the team of Google to lead developing devices Pixel as Vice-Chairman of area. Just by over would have to Rick Osterloh, former CEO of Motorola and current head of product of Google.

David Foster in Google to the Pixel

David Foster has been the engineer Chief of product of Amazon for five years and has known take to the market products of great quality as are those Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Voyage, several tablets Fire and what has been Amazon Echo, the gadget for the home with assistance virtual.


From Lab126 Foster has been capable of devise all those products, although also was the Manager of the Fire phone, one of them failures more clattering of Amazon in the last years. Although if look to the rest of repertoire of products, we are before one of them designers of products of higher profile of the time. Is by this reason by which Google it has included in its ranks to ensure is that them next Pixel have to one of them best for profiling their new line of smartphones.

Foster was also working on Apple for five years developing hardware for your devices components, and while not known for certain that role will take on the design of the Pixel, it will have its footprint left in all of them.

Each Pixel made by her own Google

Yesterday morning we met that Google Huawei said the manufacture of the two Pixel were yesterday announced in the afternoon at the event. Huawei dismissed the offer, because Google wanted that was the charge of the manufacturing and not appeared nothing in the phone that haciera reference to the company china. The plan B was HTC and yesterday we could watch as those Pixel have been manufactured by the company Taiwanese.

But according to is says today same from different sources, the plans of Google would be create the same their own devices Pixel, by what would avoid it manufacturing to third and those agreements that can get to be quite complicated.


To the have in their ranks to David Foster, that has last by Apple, Microsoft and Amazon, have to a professional of great experience that comes watermakers by a series of devices of great quality (Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Voyage and the Kindle) and that would be capable of determine well what would be a product with finish premium. Vale that Foster has a spot in their curriculum with the Fire Phone, but this phone was very well worked in the hardware; its problem was the lack of an ecosystem of services to it Google, hence out a failure. At the level of hardware, Foster is among the best currently.

It is the best solution, already to the Pixel to manufacturers, who have to remove any trace that related to its manufacture, will be tremendously difficult to Mountain View, since they are Samsung and others as many people are realizing the strategy in a long run of Google, so it will be very reticent in being who hurled phones high quality Pixel.

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