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Google Allo could be integrated with Duo


The new app from Google, Hello, im just caba from being released to the public, and as expected, they rained him criticisms about its limited features. Moreover, it appears that it has aroused little interest among users, supporters not shown to change to a different service to which your friends and family use.

However, it seems that there are many plans for Allo, and that this app will not only improve in the future, if not that could also offer integration with video app called Duo, also Google.

Allo and its absence of voice calls

When Allo finally began to be deployed in an official way, Justin Uberti, one of the leaders of the engineering team of Google which is behind the development of Allo and Duo, thanked all those who “understand it is a v1.0 product”. With this was to understand that the application would improve “every few weeks”.

And, in fact, a member of Google wasn’t feeding Uberti statements considering the ideas of this as a “very good suggestions”. Surprising the absence in Allo’s built-in audio calls, including such popular applications as WhatsApp and many others, especially taking into account that its companion application, Duo, in essence is that which makes calls.

In fact, Duo is an application of video calls, but the comfort of calls of audio in situations where video is not practical, should not be taken into account. And apparently, this is you think Uberti, as observed from 9to5Google.

When the user of Twitter Cyril Lucas suggested the integration with Duo, or the implementation of adequate, function Uberti responded with an “absolutely”.


What is certain, is that it would be extremely strange that since Google not have noticed this by themselves. It is likely that they are already working on this function and that, however, it was not ready for its launch.

Uberti “confirmation” gives to understand that it will not be long until they make calls with Allo. Now, that users will opt for this new offer, is it still seems unlikely.

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