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Google already allows you to decide which type of advertising want to see

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Today is a day in which Google has launched a great tool to find all the online activity that you perform daily with devices in which you have your linked account. Your smartphone, tablet or browser with the account are those who are responsible for providing details that now supplies Google from My Activity, the web site where you also can manage anything that it is deleted or that is maintained.

One of the great innovations of today is closely related to that page and is the ability that now offers Google for decide what type of advertising want to see when browsing. Advertising is a big part of internet and the business of Google and is used in many of the places that you already visit. That advertising is already personalized for your browsing habits, but now Google adds a new level of customization for advertising that shows you.

You can be accessed from Google Ad Settings and you can select the type of category of advertising that you can get to see. Since accessories bluetooth, sports news, Realtors, theatrical performance, body art agencies or other so many topics that may be hundreds of them. It is to spend some time to decide what kind of advertising like it to look.

The settings are arranged in three sections: topics, profile and interests. The categories section is where you can go by turning off one one topical for advertising. The categories you see are selected by your browsing history and can add want them it for yourself. The profile section is where you can enter your age and gender. The interests section is where you can allow Google to add advertising according to the results of search and navigation.

Important news that Google offers the control of advertising to the user just like that page of My Activity.

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